And the squeal

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We made sausage this weekend. All of us, and it felt like it took all weekend. We made a recipe out of Primal Cuts, which is a magical book for anyone who has a meat CSA membership, is doing the primal/paleo thing, loves meat, and/or likes making things. Or all of the above :). The recipe we used is not online, but another one is. A good beef sausage recipe is hard to find. I suppose it is untraditional-- cows were milk and draft animals, not for meat, and the meat richer, not spares for sausage. But, our meat CSA is run by a cattle rancher, and there are only so many tacos a week I can or want to eat. We use the sausage in our menu-making the way you might chicken breast: they are the easy quick thing to defrost, and go just as well with salad as a cooked vegetable. They allow us to have dinner together as a family quickly, easily, simply, and, now, healthfully.

Covering all the bases

Monday, April 30, 2012

This year I tried some german organic easter egg dye along side the last of the food coloring capsules I found in the cupboard. I don't think the colors were notably different, except for a beautiful peacocky/turquoise blue we got out of the german dye. Perhaps it looked so vibrant because the blue was on the lone white egg we had. I think that is my greatest lesson learned: rubber bands, stickers, wax crayon, organic dye, food dye, homemade colors... nothing matters so much as the color of the egg, as the base you begin with.

This time of year

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I was peddling my way to the pool this morning when I smelled... freshness, green, pine cones. I looked around, quickly, confused-- there are no trees on that leg of 16th street, going towards Mission Bay.... or any leg of 16th street, honestly. All I saw was a garbage truck.

And then I got it: this is the time of year, the one time of year garbage trucks smell good. Like freshly mulched christmas trees.

photo from SFBike