CSA Bbox 7/15

Friday, July 11, 2008

Matt is away until Tuesday—so for once the box-week and our food-week will synch up.I am down to the last 4 steak recipes from my self-imposed Simple-to-Spectacular challenge, and am starting on the fish challenge Matt laid down. But I’ll be using Sand Dabs again—they are cheap, sweet, in season, and super local—much to Matt’s chagrin (he says he likes the flavor, but not the texture). My in-laws will be here Saturday, so I need a lunch for that, but Matt and I will be dining at Quince (anniversary dinner), and then have a brunch Sunday morning (pot luck, so I need something for that).

6 oz White Button Mushroom
4 cnt Bi-color Corn
2 lb Any Squash, summer
1.5 lb Any Tomato, heirloom
1 bu Nantes Carrot
1cnt Lacinato / Dino Kale
1 cnt Cantaloupe Melon, musk
1 cnt Green Leaf Lettuce, head
.5 lb Gypsy Peppers, sweet

What I’m thinking of making

TUESDAY: Sand Dabs, Corn Fritters
WEDNESDAY: Herb Dipped Steaks and Mushroom Farro Salad
THURSDAY: I will be late for dinner……Prosciutto and Melon, Bread and Cheese
FRIDAY: Squash and Basil Pasta
SATURDAY: Salade Nicoise
SUNDAY: Zucchiini Bread, Farmer’s Cheese and Nectarines for the brunch; Carrot Orzo and Grilled Peppers for dinner
MONDAY: Pasta al’Amatriciana

ALSO: Oatmeal cookies, Tabouleh

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