CSA Box 7/8

Friday, July 11, 2008

Although I made notes about the box and what to cook for the week, I didn’t grab the contents list in time—next week’s box is already posted. So here’s ROUGHLY what we got, what I thought I would make, and what I ended up making.

8 oz White Button Mushroom
4 cnt Corn
1 lb Any Tomato, heirloom
1 bu Nantes Carrot
1 bu Basil
1 cnt Lacinato / Dino Kale
1 lb Peaches
.5 lb Nectarine
1cnt Green Leaf Lettuce, head
.5 lb Onions

Initial thoughts:
Carrots and mushrooms are not very summery to me, and I am SO sick of Kale!

Here’s what I wrote down to make:
TUESDAY Corn on the Cob, fish, salad

WEDNESDAY Steak with celery and béarnaise, potatoes

THURSDAY Stuffed Peppers

FRIDAY Chicken Breasts with Carrot Orzo, kale salad

ALSO: Bread, Oatmeal cookies, Farro Salad, Peach Pizza?

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