Food, Glorious Food

Saturday, April 4, 2009

It is Spring in San Francisco which means we have entered foodie heaven. Everything is beautiful, green, bountiful.

Some food I am thinking of making (not this week: 1. that menu is set 2. we are re-doing our kitchen floor, and have a relative-laden Easter to attend to) soon:
1. moroccan carrot mussel soup
2. savory parmesan pancakes (Saveur? Don't remember...)
3. Grilled bass with rosemary (classic italian + we just got our rosemary plant)
4. Vietnamese coffee cupcakes (eat make read)
5. Sweet Potato Bundt cake, but with yams. And in a loaf pan. Yam Pound Cake?
6. Chicken Liver Pate
7. Sweet Potato Fries
8. A restaurant-style hamburger on the grill
9. Sticky Buns
10. Farro salad

PLUS, Hungry Caterpillar Cupcakes, but for Jasper's birthday.
Fish and cake. Sounds good to me.

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