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Sunday, April 26, 2009

So often I get this list of the box ingredients, from Capay, and I wish I didn’t have to make a plan, that something different were in the box, that it would all just appear. And then I make the list, the ingredients, the menu. And often it feels uninspired, the same thing over. Boredom.

And then the box comes. 2 apples is actually 2 pounds. Radishes are long, and orange. The chard is multi-hued. Half my recipes won’t work. I am so happy.
We are a little broke from re-doing the kitchen, and everything we forgot to do, and 3 trips to the hardware store a day. So this weekend was all about eating out of the fridge:

Meyer lemon, leek, 1 chili, was-going-to-be-risotto, but turned out we didn’t have any, so orzo instead with a glass of reisling and the last of the cilantro for dinner Friday.

For lunch Saturday it was going to be fried eggs and toast and jam, but I made a frittata with dried mushrooms, tomato paste, parsley (basically, boscaiolo) and the world’s best eggs, instead.

For dinner, Saturday, salad of canned crab, half an avocado, and a grapefruit from my father-in-law’s tree, with shallot-meyer lemon-olive oil dressing. On the side, cold sesame noodles. For desert, sweet potato bundt cake with maple sugar frosting.
Sunday, today, we had bundt cake and greek yogurt for breakfast, fusion fried rice- two eggs, the orzo from Friday, cheese, shallots, basil- for lunch, and after our weekly trip to the ice cream shop, savory bread pudding made form stale bread, the chard I hadn’t planned for and onions.


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