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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

There has to be a more inspiring or more descriptive, or catchier, or just plain BETTER title for this post. But I can’t decide what it would be. Iron CSA? Iron Chef CSA? Mystery Box?

Without further a-do, here’s what we got in our box this week:

5 cnt Green Artichoke
3 lb Navel Citrus, orange
2 lb Cameo Apple
2 lb Garnet Yams
1 cnt Strawberries Berries
1 bu Red Chard
1 bu Bunched Collard
1 lb Salad mix Lettuce, loose
1 bu Red Radish
.5 lb Fresh Kiwi
.25 lb Green Garlic

I already cooked the Green Garlic, with a little left over pancetta, some olive oil, butter, and a 1/3 cup or so of frozen peas (J loves peas) for a quick pasta sauce.

Tomorrow we are planning on this artichoke and potato hash (we have potatoes left over from last week’s box), plus a simple grilled skirt steak.

I made meyer lemon curd this weekend, and we’ll have that with the strawberries, maybe even tonight for desert.

The apples, some cheese and walnut will be a good snack with the bread we made Monday. And radishes with fresh butter and salt would be good with the bread, too.
Kiwi here this time of year is delicious, and milder, and snacky--- and j will eat them.

I wasn’t expecting the collards, but have BIG plans for the sweet potatoes—but next week. And 3 lbs of oranges = 3 oranges, and we’ve both already had one.

There is a lot of yummy stuff in this box but it is actually not as useful or as inspirational as it sometimes is. Really, the only thing salad greens inspire in me is… salad.

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