Fool's Food for May Days

Friday, May 1, 2009

In April, I wanted to eat:

1. moroccan carrot mussel soup
2. savory parmesan pancakes (Saveur? Don't remember...)
3. Grilled bass with rosemary (classic italian + we just got our rosemary plant)
4. Vietnamese coffee cupcakes (eat make read)
5. Sweet Potato Bundt cake, but with yams. And in a loaf pan. Yam Pound Cake?
6. Chicken Liver Pate
7. Sweet Potato Fries
8. A restaurant-style hamburger on the grill
9. Sticky Buns
10. Farro salad

The soup tasted like, to quote Matt "carrot water with some rubber pieces". Yeah. Not making that recipe again.

The pancakes were great, although they need a little tweaking. I'll be making them for J's birthday party.

Sweet Potato Bundt cake turned into Yam Bundt Cake with Maple frosting . It was good for breakfast.

Number 7&8 turned into dinner #2 in our new kitchen (Spaghetti ala Puttanesca was, fittingly, dinner #1) , and were delicious.

#9 I plan to make myself for Mother's Day, or perhaps a day early, and Farro salad is on this week's list, as are Vietnamese Coffee Cupcakes.

For May, I want to make:
1. Chicken Liver Pate with (revised, improved) Rosemary Craclers (or shortbread)
2. Scallops (not sure how, just craving scallops)
3. Spaghetti alle Vonghole
4. Strawberry Shortcake
5. English Muffins
6. Jam / Marmalade
7. Carrot Salad
8.Anadama Bread
9. Meatloaf
10. Scallion Pancakes
And, 11. Salmon Cakes, Rhubarb Fool, Salade Nicoise

hmm, fish and carbs.

Oh, and lentil salad and my baby's first chocolate pudding, and rice pudding, too perhaps, since I'm onto puddings.

photo from Niamheen

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