Monday, May 18, 2009

I thought I would move one from lists of food. Food to eat, food to make, food to get... and onto, well, more summer-y enterprises. I think of Food as being a winter thing. And I love Summer.

So here's a new list:

1. go to mission food
2. hike/camp/visit angel island
3. go kayaking (most likely on the cape, since we dont have a day sitter for j and the bay is too rough for him)
4. go swimming at tilden park
5. go to the academy of sciences
6. tour one of the farms we have a CSA membership at
7. Tour Heath
8. Eat Oysters outside at Hog Island
9. Go to the tide pools
10. Go to a drive in movie
11. Go to an outdoor music show (Ryan Adams, Wilco, the Killers, Al Green, Prince, Richard Thompson are my shortlist)
12. Sunday streets next time they have it
13. Children's museum in Oakland.
14. Garden-- the community garden people haven't written me back and it is getting late in the season, but I'd like to at least set up our window box
15. Lie in a hammock

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