It's been a long time

Thursday, December 24, 2009

So why not jump in feet first.

Things I'd like to make ant eat(my husband has mastered french cooking!) this month, sometime soon-ish, in the near future, this season:

gallette du rois for our epiphany feast.
pork balls and chinese chicken wings and sticky rice for the feast, too

french meatloaf and vermouth mashed potatoes and grilled radicchio , maybe for new year's eve. With a venisse pruneaux? Or maybe prune ketchup with the meatloaf, and then what would we have for desert? Maybe caramel pot de creme.

Gingerbread. Dark and molasses-y
Pistachio Bark. My son's in-utero name was Pistachio.

Hummus, baba ganush, merquez, and homemade pita. With couscous and roast carrots. UMM. That sounds like a party.



Braised Fennel

Mushroom Chard Strata

Spaghetti ale Vongole

Braised Chard

Supremes with Mushroom Cream Sauce

Gnocchi ala Romana

Mock Porchetta

Curried Mussels

Chicken Pot pies


That should take me through June.
And I still haven't made that chicken liver pate. Add that to the list.

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