Spring has sprung

Monday, February 15, 2010

After a very rainy 6 weeks, it has been in the 70s all weekend-- perfect for a 3 day weekend, a street food festival, a trip to the zoo, and a hike along the coast.

And the colors of the vegetables seem brighter, dewey jewels now, shining through the dirt, no more dullness.

On March 12 we'll have another all day weekend-- I am taking the day off, on the 13th there isa canoe trip.

Between now and then we'll be spring cleaning: buying worms for the composter next weekend, and a labeler for cans; re-painting the chalkboard and installing the window box the week following.

The food that's available is changing, but so to is what I want to eat.

On the list for this period of spring cleaning (cleaning the freezer, too!):
That crazy Hazan tomato sauce that's burning up the blogosphere
Beef Sugo
Citrus Risotto
Oatcakes (for jasper)
Cheddar Jalapeno scones
Chopped salad with beets and red walnuts (best tasting walnuts ever!)
Walnut cake
Walnut Pasta
Spring Vegetable Stew
Mexican style braised pork shoulder

This week, we are tackling the hazan sauce and walnut pasta. This weekend, oatcakes and the cake, for sure, and probably the pork shoulder and scones, too.

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