In like a lion, or at least like an Asparagus spear

Monday, March 1, 2010

Last month's--February's-- grey food list feels like something left over from a very grey place, struggling for spring, and only a fraction of it got made. hmm, I wonder why?!

The jalapeno cheddar scones were mild, and melted everywhere.
And although my crazy love of Horchata continues-- and is fulfilled at every opportunity-- I haven't made it at home, yet.

For this month,
Easter is coming and my thoughts turn to carrot cake, asparagus, and lamb. We had the first asparagus of the season yesterday for dinner, and it was delicious, nutty, sweet, fresh... earthy, green. More of that to come, a month of asparagus, I think.

We had it, last night chopped into 1/4 inch pieces and stir fried with some butter, olive oil, and salt. Served with a sable fillet, smeared with some rough homemade tapenade, wrapped in parchment paper and cooked at 450 for about 20 minutes. Then, platonic chocolate pudding no, really, hands down the best one I have ever had... probably helps that the main ingredients were:
Gastronomic Dark Chocolate Bar - 61% Cocoa
eggs from marin sun farms.

This month we will be trying asparagus and egg toast for brunch, zuni asparagus pancetta rice soup, asparagus risotto.
Where DID I see that asparagus toast? And whatever asparagus recipes should we try ?

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