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Thursday, July 8, 2010

There was a lot of neighborhood speculation, and I was certainly curious, too, when work seemed to start in two long-vacant mid-Valencia storefronts about a month ago. Then we heard it was Levi's-- but not a store, I remember when the original Levi's plant shut down in Valencia, and this seemed, too, to be an interesting development.

When I saw this:

I had an overwhelming, emotional response that I couldn't quite name. Anger at co-option was there.... but also some guilt of recognition. I'm not an Ohlone,I chronicle this neighborhood to encourage others to join in on a weekly basis, I celebrate craft, but am not a great crafter. And people got jobs out of it, right?

Of everything I've read, I think this article gets at the issue the best, and this one reflects my confusion nicely.

Meanwhile, what's up with the color palette Levi's is using? This is MY mission:

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