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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

J's cotton hat is finished(!), which means I need to move on to his mittens or scarves (to match his wool hat), or make fruit for his stocking (we've decided to make him a play kitchen; I love cooking with the kid but I am secretly hoping this will reduce my night terrors over toddler-induced grease fires)... or another Christmas present.

But really,  I am dying to make these socks:

don't they look kinda like these?:

And I would love  to make an olive green melton wool wrap skirt, ala Phoebe Philo:

 This of course would  require couture sewing skills...

Anyway, how am I  supposed to pick colors for J's scarf (blue and grey? blue, grey and navy?  blue, navy, red? blue, brown, red? I know, not really rocket science) when I can't find the type of coat I  want for him? He really needs a new coat, and I am dying to get him a toggle coat, like this:

Two problems, I'm not spending $225.00 on a toddler's coat, and it's sold out. This one is cute, too:

but a totally different style. Thus far I'm not wowed by Gap's offerings, but I'm hoping that's because they haven't stocked "real" coats yet. Anyone with a lead on an inexpensive toggle coat for a large (tall) toddler (size 5-ish), please drop me a line...

Product images from  Purl Soho, Elle, and J.Crew

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