Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I’m not sure how it started, but it’s been a really fishy summer.

Swimmy (Knopf Children's Paperbacks)Maybe it was Leo Lionni-- we’ve been on a Leo Lionni and J and I have really enjoyed reading “Swimmy” together. The watercolor illustrations of the jellyfish, the eel, and the “sugar candy rocks” (coral) are really amazing. Perhaps it was when we went to the Academy of Sciences (thanks mom!) and saw the very same things, that sealed it. I certainly liked being able to come and read the book, and say, here, see, we saw this. And then the next day, we painted some of the fish we’d seen. It was a great way to stretch the museum visit-- free for us thanks to my parents’ generous gift, but it would have made me feel good/better if we had paid, or if we’d bought the book instead of checking it out of the library.

But then it went on and on! When we drove north for the 4th of July, we stopped at a winery with and incredible koi pond; J and I played there with the fish for almost an hour. And so then when we came home, at J’s request we sat and  painted “yeggow fishies,  oran fishies”:

I’m not sure what other fish activities we will do this summer. We’ll visit Lt’s Island, where you can see a lot of water bugs, and I might try this craft: .

What I’d really like, though, is to magically know how to crochet or be a good enough knitter to make this necklace:


Unknown said...

Oh. How cute. Did you use pastels or watercolor to paint the fish? And the necklace! Is there a pattern for it?

Kate said...

The fish are all watercolors, except for the last--- J's is.... mixed media! Watercolor, crayon, marker, etc.

No pattern for the necklace but you've got me thinking I should try to track one down.