The Koan of the Organoponicos

Monday, August 16, 2010

I’ve wanted to visit Cuba for forever. First it was because I was fascinated by the incredible moving 50 year old cars. Then, thanks to a dear friend, it was the music. We followed Buena Vista Social Club and its offshoots around the country for a little bit.

After I read this, it was for the gardens. 90% of Havana’s food is grown within city limits! Why can’t we do that here! It must be so beautiful, decaying, industrial, organic: all at once.

The other night at my meditation circle we talked about this koan:

Asked where he had been walking in the hills, Zen master Changsha said, "I went out in pursuit of the fragrant grasses, I came back following the falling flowers”.


The next day, after dropping J off at his little school, I took a new to me route, I had to run an errand. This is Arlington Community Garden perched on the side of a cross-town boulevard.

And here is the new little community garden my neighbors have started to build, at the side of our highway:

And behind my house

and at the top of the hill:

I'm not sure if I'll be taking Spanish this fall, after all.

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