On the Road Again

Friday, August 20, 2010

I went to my son's godmother's wedding,  in Seattle (solo). I flew to Boston, and then drove toe the Cape to see my parents (with my son and husband), see the son, lie on the beach.

Some conclusions:
the Kindle (a gift) is great for travel
so is knitting
Seattle has better weather than San Francisco
The Seattle Public Library may be gorgeous, but  I hate it. I really think it's a failure of big-D Design. And I think the San Francisco civic engagement/design efforts are bar none.
My son is a horrible traveller. I have been traveling since I was 6 weeks old, have been to every continent except Antarctica, and have lived in 4 countries, but  I think he might get it from me. I never realized what a homebody I was! (this means I'm very sad to miss the Street Food Festival... run, don't walk if you are in SF!)

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