Korean Paper

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I was really struck by these images I came across on the Upon a Fold blog this morning:

Apparently, they’re french, and part of the Curious Collection Contest.

More than anything, they reminded me of some Christmas decorations I once saw in Korea (the most Christian nation in Asia). I was walking down one of the very busy concourses that seem to be typical of all streets in Seoul one morning,on my way to yet another meeting about one piece of technology or another, when I saw men suspended from the side of a squat, almost brutalist-style office building, maybe 30 stories high, with a digital display affixed to the roof. They were maybe 3 of them, using rock climbing or window washing gear, I’m not sure, to slowly descend the building while affixing squares of green paper, maybe tyvek. I watched for a day or two, as the building was transformed, a green field in the middle of the technology capital of the world.

I didn’t take this photo, apparently someone else was captivated by the building, as well:

(photo by SuzyQuzy)

I can’t recreate the tech-a-palooza at my house, but I wonder if perhaps J and I might try to make a lion with some post-its.

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