Friday, October 8, 2010

This month is so different from how we might experience it on the East Coast, or in any other city.

Hispanic Heritage Month

This year, we’ll celebrate with J’s first trip to Mission Dolores.

Halloween THE holiday of San Francisco
Lion, lion tamer and zoo keeper.

Blue Angels
This year with my airplane crazy little boy, should be extra-fun

Our Annual “big hike”
Mt Tam!

This is a full enough list, but I added the 30/30 Bikram Challenge and a Kids pumpkin carving project to the list. Which means I need to fix up/clean up our disaster of a  back patio... so, some patio inspiration:

(Paxton's Gate, by Eric)

(Flora Grubb, by Unruly Things)

SF Zoo,again,by me-- apparently this section , the Safari section, as we've taken to calling it, has plantings from South Africa, because they have the same Mediterranean climate as SanFrancisco. I love how the plants are tropical-in-nature, but have the sort of grayed colors so common here, like a stormy seashore... really points out the graphical, hard edged shapes.

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