Permanent and Disposable/Acorns and Green Berries

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas is under way here. Which means damp air and soft, grayed greens. So different from the Christmases of my childhood, or those on the East Coast. Because this strange land is part of America, this place with 3 mild transitions has been stuck into a mold of 4 wildly swinging seasons, there is always something new to discover. Sometimes it is so hard to see, with the framework of the East, of most of America, overlaying here that each excavation offers something new. And there are always more layers to peel away. An endless voyage of discovery, available every morning by looking out the window.

I didn't think I'd write about the landscape, or how different the seasons are here, when I set out to write this post, but I suppose it is good background for how we celebrate our holidays just a little differently, specifically because we are here, and how it makes me think about decorating our house differently that I would if we lived somewhere else.

I confess: sage green is not my favorite color. But it is the color of Northern California, so I am always looking for ways to highlight it, or counterpoint it.

Two years ago I bought the stockings: unbleached linen, combined with a light loden and red accents. Ever since I've been looking for an Advent calendar to go with it, something non-disposable, anti-plastic.

On the East Coast, and when I first moved here, I used to string cranberries in a garland. But the reds are too obvious, for my taste, with the prevailing light. This year, while searching for a wreath, I found this acorn garland at the local nursery. I can't find a similar one online, but it should be easy enough to make at home. It only cost me $15... $15 that I don't neccessarily have in my Christmas budget, but since it is permanent and not disposable, I bought it. It will save me money for years.

I didn't quite find the wreath I was looking for this year... last year I bought a succulent wreath, but really, it was too small for our window, and big ones cost and arm and a leg. I had fantasties of wooden branches, twisted together, but none were to be found. After 5 stores, I found this sweet thing, the perfect color, right down the street from me.

And of course the day after I bought our wreath I saw a driftwood wreath (permanent! non-disposable!).  Maybe next year.

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stephanie from texas said...

love LOVE the acorn garland...i have been obsessed with acorns for Christmas decor lately.