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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I thought we'd settled in for a good long winter of train-track-building. My son took about 10 train trips (Muni, Bart, Cable Car,Street Car) in December, we went to the train exhibit at the library, and attempted to visit the SF Railway Museum. For the train set, he got a bus during Advent, a helicopter and pilot from his grandparents, and a fire engine from his Pop.

But then the other day M got this book out:   Good Night San Francisco (Good Night Our World series)
and it has been all San Francisco, all the time.

Midwinter in San Francisco smells like fallon the east coast. Crisp, clear air, the smell of cedar mulch just laid to trap the first rainy season. So today's stop was the Koret Playground at Golden Gate Park. I wrote a lot about playgrounds this summer, and we visited a lot too, and I have to say: this might just be the best I've ever been to. So much fun.

But, the carousel wasn't open... J was so sad, I told him another time, over and over again. After his nap he asked if we could get Friday (well, "day after Teacher Paula day?" ) and I started to say "no", there is so much to do, this errand, that. But really, is there anything more important than a carousel ride on a crisp midwinter day? So w'll be riding the ponies this Friday, no Goodwill and gift return for us.

I suppose next week it will be the submarines, or the seals...

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