Thursday, January 20, 2011

I try to buy flowers every week. The Italians do it, the French do it. It cleans the air, it is visually pleasing. I think I first got into this from reading Apartment Therapy or maybe it was the book.

I buy them at my Farmer'sMarket, and because there is a "day old"stall,keep my weekly budget to $10. Usually it is $5 or $7--just a few stalks of something pretty. Once I splurged ($12), but then I got an ant invasion.

Last week I lost my wallet en-route to the market, and so no market, no flowers. Rainbow, my crazy local grocery store, doesn't sell flowers. So I made my own,from the leftover scraps of my favorite diy Christmas wrapping this year.

This fall, a relative sent us some old childhood books of my father-in-law. Really, most were disintegrating. But some had lovely illustrations, and I had three framed as a present for my father-in-law.The framers wrapped the package in some simple craft paper, and j and I added confetti flowers.

I cut circles around some flowers, amoebas around others, threaded craft wire through their centers and added some tissue paper leaves.

They won't cleanse the air, but they are green... and entertaining!

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