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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I feel like I've settled in pretty well into a weekday uniform (or two):

 1. jeans, long sleeve t-shirt always v-neck...I have a super short neck, and follow these ladies' advice), cardigan (j.crew cashmere, howI heart you), funny comfy sneaks, for days I am dragging (or being dragged) 1-2 small boys around.

2. leggings, flat black boots, a tunic... and a big cardigan, again!, for the days I don't have J or his friends and subsequently spend all my time running around.

Done and done, right? Especially since this is January. A winter uniform should last me for at least another 2 months... But then it was the j.crew after christmas sale, so I got another cardigan(for less than $50! yay!).And then everyone started posting their spring picks...so here I am already, daydreaming about spring clothes to buy + make, outfits to cut-n-paste,what new shoes I might need...

(Love the socks & sandals with the dress)

Usually, at the beginning of a season, I gather a bunch of images I like, try to make the outfits up out of what I already have, replace basics that are wearing out and buy 1-2 pieces to build out the mix. Plus I try to save some money for something special -- a newAPC dress or a cashmere cardigan. It's all looking a bit schizophrenic right now, but I think one thing I can say is I better get to work on knitting some tabi.

none of these images are mine!

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