Finish Line

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I am almost done with our preschool applications,which have consumed 90% of my time since Thursday-- I misread a due date on one of them (today, not the end of the month), and have decided to just knock them all off at once. It weird, writing these pitch letters for my son, telling them "he's the king" (really, he is!)...describing our family, our traditions (the crowns at christmas,above, come from my time in England as a child. And we had fish, the night before, in honor of my time in Italy. I seem to collect traditions). But it has been a good opportunity to reflect,too, on the things that bring me--us--pleasure... and the things it might be nice to change.

And then yesterday I learned that our #1 top choice for elementary school, one he could walk to, one of the best public schools in the moving. And of course a lot of our preschool choices were predicated on this elementary school.

Having gone through this whole process from the point of view of doing some soul searching, I can safely say that our first choice, is still our first choice. But I'll be engaging in some primal scream therapy as soon as I get these suckers posted.

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moljoe said...

Last year, when we did preschool applications, I needed scream therapy. I kept saying to my husband, "This is just preschool...right? I need to get a grip. Or they need to. Why do they need me to answer essay question? It's PRESCHOOL!!." But, answer them I did and we are loving the school now. Just think when they get to college. The pressure...