It Takes a Village

Thursday, February 24, 2011

After writing yesterday about being able to walk to so much stuff I had the pleasant experience of realizing I’d left some stuff off the list. My son has been extremely sick the past week-- and I am dragging along, too. But luckily, we live on the south side of San Francisco, the city of villages.

We took the car to the Doctor’s, but it is less than 2 miles away, and totally walkable when we are not both punky. Walgreens (oh how I wish it were a Pharmaca instead.... one of my half-baked business ideas is to open an integrative pharmacy on this side of town), is 5 blocks away. My next door neighbor spelled me for a half hour (I LOVE my neighbors).

And when I am sick, nothing beats chicken soup. We had homemade broth with tortellini from Lucca. My son, Mission kid that he is, craves Horchata-- fortunately almond/rice milk is super healthful/nutritious and just what he needs to get his strength up.

Tonight I think we are ready for a little sinus-clearing spice, simple with the rotisserie-chicken-based soup from Cookie Magazine(super simple, by the woman who writes Dinner, A Love Story....hopefully some day she'll re-post the recipe there). And it's all right out the door: rotisserie from George's; lime, cilantro and jalapenos from Casa Lucas, totopos from La Palma.  It sounds like a lot of stops, but they are all within a few short blocks. The stroller is easier to unfold than it is to negotiate the car seat-- plus, friendly smiles and waves. Or, I might get my neighbor to grab the supplies for me.

Actually, I think the thing that makes me feel the best when I am sick is knowing I can ask for help.... and that supplies are nearby!

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