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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am sadly contemplating turning my son's beloved nursery into a big(ger) boy room. The walls are a purple-y gray, and the rug yellow. I LOVE these colors together; I got the idea from my beloved cat, Mingus, who is gray with yellow eyes. He always makes me feel safe, calm, and happy: exactly what I wanted for my baby. There are some blue and green highlights in there, too, just to give the (tiny)space some depth.

I got the rug at Crate and Barrel, and sad to say but it really hasn’t held up.Well, kids are tough on furniture, too. This time around I am considering flor tiles: at least if one gets dirty, I can replace ONE instead of the whole thing. I like modular. But the yellows they have don't work; it'll have to be a grey-blue. So no more Mingus-color palette.

The crib is sadly outgrown, too. To be replaced with a (Ikea)  toddler bed (my way of avoiding a total remodel. But it feels sadly disposable).

I’d like to get a floor lamp, too. Maybe this?

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