New beginnings

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I always love the idea of projects. Starting them, though, I find difficult. I always worry that I haven't started in the right way, will I have enough time to work on it as mindfully as I like, etc. I think that is part of why I like cooking projects: I have enough skills to be able to evaluate the directions, and enough tools to be able to pickup whatever project I want whenever I’d like.

Once I start any project, I am usually pretty good about finishing it-- even if it takes forever.

But really what I love is the cataloguing, and dreaming, and the fantasy of “what if...”, what if I made this?

So, right now I’m fantasizing about these projects:

A new necklace, at Haute Hapa, via Thimble

Given that I am currently designing our bathroom, dealing with a legal/financial (unpaid) home project, a (paid) research project, knitting a scarf, knitting play food, and working on my goal of “learn to bake with whole grains”, I’m not sure yet when or if these will actually make the queue. But it is nice to imagine.

(and, edit to say that the Purl Soho sale might prompt me to actually make some of these, after all)

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